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When I came to Vancouver few year ago, Diana is my Realtor and  helped me to purchase my first home,she recommended me to choose the property at a great location, it not only met my needs but also increased a lot in value.Recently she helped me again to buy another detached house in Tsawwassen, as it is old age property, Diana took all measurements to protect our interest including arranging oil tank detecting service......I have to say her expertise in Real Estate industry is remarkable.  By M. Du 


I highly recommend Diana if you're looking for a realtor who's patient, knowledgeable and always puts her clients' interest first. Diana came to me with strong recommendation by my close friend when I was looking to upgrade my home. Soon she proved what my friend described about her: she genuinely cares about her client and is very patient. Unlikely many realtors who push for a quick transaction, Diana demonstrated more patience than what I had. I could get excited with some properties easily, but Diana always kept cool and pointed things I missed. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't Diana who held me back, I probably would have ended up buying a home on a busy street, twice. When we worked on sending an offer in a potential bidding situation, Diana's professionalism and experience helped every time. She made sure my offer covered all my interests meanwhile remained competitive. To negotiate with other side's realtor, Diana often worked long hours till mid night. It took a long time for us to finally find our new home, Diana had never showed any impatience, on the contrary, she always told me: "If you buy a wrong place in a rush, I'll feel sorry because I didn't do a good job. I'd rather you spend time to get a right place, I'll be happy to know you're happy." When we were in the negotiation stage for my new home, it was another late night, I was so tired I was ready to accept a higher price so I could get it done. Diana simply said: "leave this to me, you go to rest.". How she worked hard after mid night! I woke up next day with such great news: the offer was accepted at our price level-- Diana fought for my best interest till the last minute! What a true friend she is! Like many of her clients, I became a good friend of Diana. I encourage you to talk to Diana and personally experience how she can help you, in your preferred ways.
~ Jenny C

When I came to Vancouver few years ago, Diana is my Realtor and helpled me purchased my first home which is not only meets my all expectations and but also achieved great value increasement. Recently Diana helped me again bought another detached house in Tsawwassen, as it is old age property, Diana suggested us took all kinds measurements to prevent risk including requesting an oil tank detecting service! I have to sayher expertise in Real Estate industry is remarkable.
~ M. Du

Working with Diana was a great experience! She is very pleasant, professional, and honest Realtor. She did a great job of marketing my property in a very slow market: professionally staged it, held a lot of open house, and even help to arrange house maintenances...... As a skilled and experienced negotiator, Diana finally sold our house with unexpected price for us. Thanks Diana!
~ F. Zhang